There is a widespread belief that only concerts and parties define as an event. An occurrence, especially one of considerable significance, is what is meant by the term “event.” Anything that is the end result, issue, or consequence. There was no positive outcome to the initiative. An event that takes place at a certain location and at a specific time.

When preparing an event, event organizers must consider budget, location, sponsorship, and accessibility. But let’s get back to basics. The first thing to consider is what type of role you want to play. Virtual as well as hybrid events are increasingly popular now, and many live events may be streamed online.  Here are the most prevalent types, from virtual as well as corporate to fundraisers but also festivals.

Corporate Events

What does the word “corporate event” mean? An activity planned by a firm for its employees, clients, charity, stakeholders, or the public. To debut a new product or service, recognize staff achievements or demonstrate proficiency in an industry, the target audience depends on the event’s aim. Regular or yearly business parties are held to commemorate important announcements and awards, while some are one-offs. Below is the list of Corporate events.

  • Seminars

  • Conferences

  • Trade shows

  • Workshops

Social Events

People gather for several reasons outside of work, such as an anniversary or maybe a team-building night out. Social events should cater to individual tastes and usually focus on food and entertainment. Here is the list of Social events.

  • Reunion

  • Themed parties


A festival is a coordinated sequence of activities or performances around the same topic, such as music, gastronomy, or comedy. It might occur in a single location, such as a field or park, or at numerous locations throughout a city or region. Festivals might last a day or a month. Below is are the type of festival events.

  • Musical festival

  • Food festival

Community events, hybrid events as well as pop-up events, are also categorized as events. With this knowledge, the initial step in event planning will be a lot easier.